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Beijing Tianrun company organized the "we" the international working women's Day activities

Writer:陈晨Source:Tianrun company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


In March 9th, during the annual "we in the international working women's Day is approaching, China 22mcc group Beijing Tianrun company presented the office nap pillow for all female workers, to express a holiday blessing. Because of the company's work environment factors, most of the femaleworkers are at noon rest in the morning lying on the table, which oppresses facial nerves in the arm, and uncomfortable, with arms instead of pillows, will seriously oppression eye, increased eyepressure, as time passes easily increase the incidence rate of glaucoma. Hand wall, waist muscle groups in a fixed position, continue to nervous work, cannot get real rest, wake up, will feel back pain, unable to rest, buy office napping pillow for female workers, such a nap only add a mental,and relax the body, improve work efficiency, great help the physical and mental health of female workers.

The project also for female workers organized a content rich, diverse forms of the game through the game interesting activities, active atmosphere, enhance feelings. Some projects also issued daily necessities to the female staff and workers, and truly from reality, from the vital interests of female employees, for women service.

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