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Gold company Shenyang Huaqiang Gallery of city square winter welding qualified rate of 100%

Writer:Yu YangSource:Gold company Number of visits: Date:2015-12-09
In December 1st, the third party inspection agencies and owners of units of gold company participating in the construction of Shenyang City Plaza Huaqiang Golden Corridor Project in winter steel structure welding quality testing, steel column and beam weld inspection qualification rate of 100%. Effective implementation of the process, sub sub project acceptance rate of 100%, the quality of the rectification rate of 100%.
With the coming of winter construction stage, snow and fog and haze in north area, causing many adverse effects on the construction quality of welded steel structure, to project Department of Shenyang gold company simultaneously strengthen the quality management of construction in winter. In the aspect of system security, strictly abide by the "owners of the construction unit self inspection, experimental review, third party inspection" quality assurance system framework, and constantly improve the quality management level of the fine quality; in protective measures, aiming at the welding operation to build windproof shed and assembly type operation platform, external fireproof cloth, to achieve safety and safety the dual purpose. In the daily welding operations, to supervise and urge the welding personnel to comply with the welding procedure specification and welding process parameters, and to take the measures of preheating before welding, interlayer temperature control and heat preservation and slow cooling after welding, so as to ensure the welding quality.
Shenyang City Huaqiang Plaza is the gold corridor in site security market, the company to the quality to win credibility, following the thirteen latitude road corridor City Plaza on the reverse part, again participating in the construction of a landmark building in Shenyang, is the "two marketing" brilliant achievements. Early, the underground reverse operation of the company's commitment to the construction of the underground, involved in the current high-rise building construction technology, the most advanced quality control difficult. Shenyang project department quality management innovation, strengthen the process of monitoring, the creative use of new auxiliary extension measurement and correction method to ensure that the steel column inverse operation method of installation accuracy monitoring and dynamic tracking, the inverse operation method of QC group won the 2015 annual Hebei Province engineering construction management team of outstanding quality "title, the construction quality of the owners won high recognition and success the renewal of City Square Gallery No. 1, building 2, more than 16000 tons of steel structure manufacture and installation tasks.
Gold company Shenyang Huaqiang Gallery City Square Project Department adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, customer first" purpose, continue to strengthen the construction of quality management, enhance the metallurgical steel brand "reputation and influence in the Northeast regional market and establish a good reputation, and make due contribution for the enterprise market development.

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