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Project Manage Company quoted in Xibaipo Power plant waste heat engineering quality and well received

Writer:Wang XiaoyongSource:Project Manage Compa Number of visits: Date:2015-12-05
As of November 30th, the Project Manage Company of Xibaipo Power plant waste heat into the city to complete the pipeline welding engineering reference 7 km long pipeline weld, 100% radiation detection, one-time pass rate of 98%, the construction quality by supervision and owners alike.
Since the winter, Shijiazhuang area for 20 consecutive Yu Tian rain and snow weather, seriously affect the operation of pipeline welding. Project Department of technology, quality, security departments and construction units and technical personnel in close coordination, formulating a series of safeguard measures in winter construction. To convene a special meeting quality, levels of responsibility, the construction personnel fixed position set standards, strict examination reward system, improve the quality awareness of construction personnel. Strengthen all-round welding protection measures, welding operation before the weldment surface heating in addition to the wet tide, welding material by high temperature drying box drying, and windproof processing to build windproof shed in the work area, after welding the weld heat insulation blanket on slow cooling these effective measures to ensure the welding quality. To mobilize the project management personnel to clean up the accumulated water in the field, to create favorable conditions for the welding operation. Scientific and meticulous, multi pronged protective measures to effectively ensure the welding quality and progress, access to supervision and the owners of the same.

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