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New Energy Company organization to carry out moral lecture activities

Writer:Geng ShujunSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2016-01-01


In December 25th, New Energy Company organized the 2015 fourth issue of moral lecture activities. The moral lecture "to be three people" as the theme. The activities are divided into thinking back, singing songs, learning model, classic chant, kindness, send auspicious, do good seven links.
In "peace of mind", the participants were worry ask: in noisy real life, it can maintain inner calm, do yourself. Honest man, say honestly, to do things honestly, down-to-earth, grab get right on the job really, the courage to assume responsibility, the courage to face the contradiction, steadfast to do the job. In the song "part of the participants a chorus of" citizen morals. ". In the "learning model" link, learning the most lovable people around us, stand in a line of construction personnel, they in the most mundane jobs doing extraordinary work the great is their ordinary casting the achievements of the company. In "sutras" link, to enjoy the "light Nur and try to straighten out a common heart, pragmatic intention to do a good job of every trivial thing" famous classic. In the "good" link, everybody is the theme to express their work, life experience. In the "send auspicious" link, the company leaders sent to the staff to send a sweet warm blessing.

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