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Caofeidian Industrial Zone Technology Company branch to carry out moral lecture activities

Writer:Du JiahuiSource:Caofeidian technolog Number of visits: Date:2016-01-01


December 28th, Caofeidian Industrial Zone technology company Party branch to carry out the "dedication" as the theme of moral lecture activities. The moral lecture is divided for thought worry, singing songs, learning model, sutras, kindness, send auspicious, Hang Shanju etc. seven aspects of.
Activities, the staff around the dedication to engage in self-examination, then sing along the civic and moral song ", opened the prelude to the moral lecture. We watched the Yu Min national moral model deeds, and listen to the people around the outstanding example of Li Zezhen 's report. Under the leadership of the host, we carefully read "charitable home will be Yuqing, accumulate evil home more will seedling", "do not want to own, do not impose on others", "but to do good, the Mo ask classic quotations of the future". And these three words are explained in detail, then two employees were to share the feeling of the event. Listen to the exemplary deeds, reading the sage philosopher of the classic quotations, heard the comrades around sincere sentiment, full with a sincere heart to read aloud: do a man of integrity, a hard-working person, a good person. "Send auspicious" link, project department selected washing liquid as auspicious gift, hope everyone to wash the heart impetuous, bath moral sun.
Material company to carry out a pro active new year.

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