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Overseas business department held the fourth quarter of moral lecture

Writer:Mo RanSource:Overseas business de Number of visits: Date:2016-01-01


    12月29日,海外事业部召开2015年第四季度道德讲In December 29th, overseas business department held the fourth quarter of 2015, the moral lecture activities. Moral lecture with "be thankful forever warm peers" as the theme, divided into "worry, singing songs, learning model, sutras, kindness, send auspicious, good lift" seven links.

"In the family to do the filial love the old pro, husband and wife respect, brother harmony; in the unit to do the dedication, devotion, honesty, sincere service; in the community do law-abiding, friendly, willing to help others" activities kicked off in three questions for peace of mind, overseas business department staff in silence to engage in self-examination. In the song link, everyone chorus song "citizen" s moral, moral and cultural heritage better, promote the moral spirit. In the learning model link, learning together Gao Shuzhen "love courtyard of the deeds. In the next part of youth volunteer activities in division around individual jobs and social responsibility, with three years on the mountain of donations, to talk about the volunteer action of the story. In the send auspicious stage, for the participants to send a gift, meaning to send good luck, passing love.

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