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Based on regular operation established by its parent company in 1999, MCC demonstrates the quality of hard work and determined progress that had been developed in 50 years of development of China iron steel industry and China economy. It has kicked away things that hold back its development and improve things that contribute and finally developed its “honesty-based and customer-satisfactory” operation concept, “loyal, professional, unified and progressive” spirit, and “people-oriented and objective-unified” enterprise culture.


MCC’s logo was designed in 1999. It is made up of graphs of the brand and the earth, which demonstrate its internationalization, group, network and brand oriented image. Blue is used as the main color to show the wideness of sea at which MCC sails to all places in the world, and the color is also to indicate the sky that is just as high as MCC’s objective. The overall blue graphic is the just like the blueprint MCC strives to reach with its aggressive expansion, growth and update. MCC’s logo is simple and clear enough to denote its spirit and culture.